Ferrari - extended warranty question vs Cirrus

Years back there was plenty of chatter on the negatives of extended warranties on the Cirrus and many sided with NOT seeing value… over the years, I found that I did benefit with the 22T extended warranty - especially on the final
Months of the 5th year. I would probably pass on it with the he 22NA as it has a much better maintenance record.

Today, I am faced with the same question with my 2016 Ferrari California T. Dealer wants $10k for 2 years or warranty. It’s a Ferrari warranty and its the same as the dealer new car warranty - just extended.

Hmmm $10k. Sounds high for a $250k car. The Cali was built well. I use it about 7500 miles a year - I truly enjoy it !!

The uncommon repair is the Gear Box. Maybe , 1 of 15 will have a issue before 5 years and the cost is 25k-40k (higher for replacement vs repair).

It seems like a suckers bet, however the warranty is transferable and “maybe” in 18 months I’ll consider selling and getting the Portofino (new edition of the Cali). Than the warranty would be worth 5k in a sale (at least). I’m also thinking I can write off the warranty as a 2 year depreciable tax write off as I use the car 75% for biz.

Question to fellow Copa guys with McClarons, Lambos, and Ferrari’s, would u gamble or is this a no brainer decision.

Qualifier: We have a 488 GTB - I would NOT buy it for personal use but if you are looking to sell it, you should. Having said that, if you sell it via a dealer, they will probably add the warranty in any case, so i would skip the 10k and pocket it.

David. I also have a Cali T. 2016. It had 400 miles when I bought it from the dealer in Ft Lauderlale. About 1 month after purchase the gear box had to be replaced. It took Ferrari Italy about 2 weeks to approve the repair. I did not buy the Ext warranty. Hopefully I made a good decision.

This may sound a little funny at first, but contact Circle Porsche and ask for the finance manager.

Tell them you want an extended warranty… I think you’ll be happy with the coverage and the price. It didn’t matter that I didn’t buy the car from them or that I don’t live in Ca. It also won’t matter that your looking for a Ferrari instead of a Porsche. More than likely you will have to have an inspection done on the car, but I had my normal Porsche mechanic handle it and they had no issue…

I’ve used this warranty on a couple of different 911 turbo’s and it’s paid for its self on both cars.

I belong to an exotic car club in Houston (, and am a small percentage owner of the club as well. We have a couple Ferraris in the club, and had a 2016 California for some time. Along with multiple Lambos, 2 McLarens, Audi R8 GT, 911, Rolls, etc. I’m pretty sure the club recently purchased the extended warranty on at least one of the Ferraris despite the high price. Now these cars are driven a fair number of miles by a variety of members, but not any more annually than you drive your car. Our experience in the club is that having the x-warranty allows the club to better manage maintenance expenses. A personal car, however, is a different situation and it would not be unreasonable for you to take the risk especially if you’re going to upgrade the car within the two-year window.

I had no idea COPA had so many B A L L E R S ! Look at you all. This s#!t just got real around here.

I’ve owned maybe a dozen Ferraris; have a 488 Spider currently. They’ve all been pretty bulletproof cars but I’ve never owned one out of warranty. The new cars come with 5 years of MX and I think Ferrari wants to be sure there are no dissatisfied customers out there telling stories of massive MX or repair bills, so the extended warranty offer is true to form. Repairs can be hideously expensive, so if you take the chance it could be punishing. For $400/month I’d take the chance anyway.

In the event you have a bad event that seems unfair, Ferrari may provide some help anyway as a goodwill gesture. I’ve had Mercedes provide the parts and I paid the labor. If a transmission fails at 30,000 miles with no track use recorded in the chip I’ll bet Ferrari would step up.

Never owned one out of warranty? Hell, you have never renewed license plates or bought tires! [:P].

No way I would buy the warranty. It’s a sucker bet to me.

I’m a Porsche guy but have been eyeing a 458 for awhile. That engine sounds so good!

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7,500 miles per year is a high number for a Ferrari. I had a 458 Italia a few years ago and put on decent mileage on it (with planes and cars, my policy is no garage queens). One day it developed a transmission oil leak out of nowhere. It had to be flat-bedded and I’m told the repair would have been about 7K if I had paid for it out of pocket. I’ve had other exotics and the only one I really worried about was the Ferrari.

It’s my goal to hit 7500 miles a year . Last year I put 5000 miles on it .

The Cali (now Portofino) is a 4 seater and the micro back seats works well for kids less than 80 lb.(younger than 11.

With 2 kids, I can’t add another 2 seater to my garage.

Interesting to hear the responses … it seems it’s 50/50 . No one really wants the exposure, however the $400+ a month ($10k) for a warranty does seem high and potentially wasteful .

Perhaps it’s one of those things in life - If u are concerned about the warranty costs, u shouldn’t own the car… translation - buy it and be happy if you come out ahead .

I truly think Ferrari has stepped up with its quality control … its still not on par with Porsche and I believe the repair bills could easily get out of hand and even be worse than a 22T…

For all you exotic lovers, the McLaren 720s just released their spyder. It’s probably the best performance under 2M (310 base) for an exotic and the first McLaren I feel that has the sex appeal of some of the Italians.

Although I look forward to the T Roadster :wink:
0-60, let’s just say 1.9 on a slow day.

Having said that, a good friend of mine is the Chief Design Officer for Mercedes / Daimler and he has been doing some interesting work lately. See attached.

A pretty cool future ahead for car lovers.

The new 720s sypder is amazing. Been talking to dealer since they announced it. Must resist billionaire doors. [:P].

Tires yes.

if you buy the right car at sticker it’s almost free as long as it remains “the car”. So yeah, trade them in at the right time.

I had 3 458s, and loved them. But the 488 is better in every way!

Tonight I have a 488 spider and a new GT2rs. The GT2 farts, while the Ferrari sings! The best thing I could ever say about a McLaren was Ron Dennis’s girlfriend - wow, and damn! When they booted him I lost interest in their product. I know the GT2 is king of the mountain, but Ferrari is, well, Ferrari. Patek. Petrus. Ocean Alexander.

FWIW my son got his GT3rs the same day I got my GT2. His is better. That shriek for the last 2,000 rpm that the turbos deny…

My GT3rs has been delayed again. Delivery March 8. Customization slowing it down. Next time I’ll just shut up and pick the standard stuff and be done with it.

Love the 488 as well, but that 458 sound is intoxicating as well as pretty cheap today. I really like the 720s as well, but tough to pull the trigger on one of those. Depreciates like an Eclipse. [:P]

“I had 3 458’s” - says almost nobody. What the heck is going on? 3? I’m delighted for ya but want to get he story behind this?

My 458 ended in a sad story. The house gate sensor failed and ripped the mirrors off and badly damaged a door.

An Aston depreciates even more horribly than a McLaren. Stay well away from the DB11 no matter how seductive it looks.

S h i t … :wink:
Not a DB11. But a Vanquish Volante. At the bottom of it’s deprecation drop. The 458 is a great car but the V12 noise and the looks from this Aston had me at hello.

I was offered a brand new DB9S at about half of retail at the peak or depths of the financial crisis in 2009 (depending on one’s point of view) when I was living in the UK at the time. I bought a C2S for about 90% of retail instead and ended up ahead of the game when I came home to my recent home in Canada in late 2014 compared to the Aston outcome.

That said, a V12 Aston sounds amazing. My little German cars (I have had 4) would destroy an Aston on the track. A V12 Aston would cause an eargasm that my little German cars could never replicate.

Different strokes for different folks to invoke a saying from our new homes. There is no right or wrong answer.

One other thing. I am 6’3" tall and weigh 185 lbs. An Aston is a challenging fit more me.

I know ample people that can tell a similar story - 458 Coupe, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale… Not too difficult to go up the ranks.

For myself, I have had my plethora of 911’s (997, 997.2 4S, 991.1 S, 991.2 Turbo), now on to 488 GTB after a 458 Coupe…