FBO at Napa County

Planning a trip to Napa County, California, in a few days. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation as to which FBO to use. We will want a rental car and tie-down for two nights.


Lee Saage

I use Napa for practice approaches and stop occassionally. Japan airlines, JAL, has their U.S. training facility on the field and it can be hard to understand their pilots who are usually flying bonanzas.

The only FBO I am aware of is Bridgeford Flying Service, 707-224-0887. Jonesy’s Famous Steak House, on the field, has a good reputation. However there are much better restaurants up in the valley. I can give recommendations if you need any.

Enjoy your stay.


I do practice approaches into Napa and only occasionaly stop for anything. Bridgeford Flying Service is the full service local FBO, 707.224.0887. If needed there is a good resturaunt on the field, Jonesy’s Famous Steak House. Of course there are a number of good alternatives up in the valley. I can give you recommendations if you would like.

Japan Airlines, JAL, has their U.S. training facility at the field. Their pilots, usually flying bonanzas, can be difficult to understand with their heavily accented english. Some days there are several in the area.

Good flying and enjoy your visit.



Thanks. I made the reservations today.