Engine longevity

I have had 2 sr22, one with TN. Both needed new calendar heads and one engine failure. Anyone following cirrus engine guild lines and making TBO?

Many engines last upwards of 3000 hours if run properly and some with calendar heads that need a bit of work, so it’s probably worth spending some time on the forum to find out how and why. Try using the “search” function on “engine wear”

BTW, did you type you message with “spell correct” on?

Also, you posted this in the “Guest” forum which most members don’t read. You’ll get a better response if you post it in the Airframe & Powerplant area of the COPA forum; https://www.cirruspilots.org/copa/member/sr_aircraft/airframe_powerplant/thread-list.aspx

Dennis Haber:
did you type you message with “spell correct” on?

Even if he did, both “calendar” and “guild” are in the dictionary so would not have been flagged as incorrect. They are wrong because of their context. The spell checker is no substitute for re-reading before posting.

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Dennis was alluding to the likelihood that auto-correct “corrected” misspelled words into words that were not intended.


I elected to do a top overhaul at ~2280 TT because of increased oil consumption. I didn’t have any engine work done prior to that time. I always fly LOP, usually 70% power (or less at high altitudes).


Thank you Gordy. I am alluring, aren’t I? But, in any case, my calendars have been around since 5775 and still, it keeps going, but that’s because of my guild.

One of the things you’d find on the member side is a growing consensus that running the TN at 85 percent in cruise, even though allowed by the manual, may not be that great for longevity. Many TN pilots now fly at 70 to 75 and consider a TIT of 1600 as a smart upper limit.

Furthermore, the COPA community discusses engine management and maintenance in those member forums quite frequently. It’s a place that new Cirrus owners can learn from a firehose of valuable information.

BTW, my IO-550N engine has 3438 hours on it without new cylinders. 95% of my operation is WOTLOPSOP.


What does this look like with the Continental Turbo’s? I have been querying this, not much luck for uniformity on the answers.

At 30.5" and 17.5GPH, I am at 80 to 82% power running CHT’s of 340’s to 350’s and TIT around 1580 to 1590.

down around 70% power is much less speed and a little cooler CHT’s

Oh, come on now Dennis, don’t be gelding the lily! [;)]