Enbrel---Lancair in Rx ad

Pre-coffee this sunday, I was flipping channels. Suddenly, a Lancair goes by. Erik Lindberg does voiceover on how this drug helped him cross the atlantic.

Enbrel (never caught what it does for you) uses lots of c300 footage throughout its ad. Surprisingly, in other shots the Lancair turns into a Lancair IV. Overall, some nice coverage.

It would be nice to see tangential coverage like this for Cirrus!

836C SR20

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…never caught what it does for you…


According to the Enbrel web site, it’s an arthritis drug.

  • Mike.

I got my SR20 a lot of tv time last Fryday. I was interveiwed for Miricle Flights for Kids About 10 days ago. They coupled that with one of my passengers from last year. They had 2 minites of me and about 4 minites air time for my SR20. Startup taxi out and takeoff then in cockpit. It looked so good on tv I was quite proud of it. It was on local news station 13 ABC. It was my first time interveiwed for television. Have been an extra in tv shows That was neat. But this was much nicer. By the way this is the first outfit ever to do this type of help to children started in 1985. By a lady that lost her son to cancer and decided to start to help others get to treatment centers… They are coming up on there 300,000.00 flight this month we do adults also but mostly kids. I know a lot of you guys do this I think it is great the way we pilots he;p others. Such as this and EAA and Cival air patrol. I know we do it because we like to fly but we do this to give back also . I did say that on camera but it got cut. Anyways the plane looked great and they were quite inpressed the crew that did the clip. I am acctualy taking the same little boy to Santa Monica on the 11 and back on the 12 of March. He is in remision I am happy for him and his family. So we got some local TV time here in Vegas. From Don

Maybe we can get Cirrus into the next James Bond movie, where 007 flying his 22, gets shot out of the sky by a iraq mig and than the plane parachutes down to safety and into the arms of a waiting babe.
Wait. can an Iraq mig hit a Cirrus or is the Cirrus too fast for an Iraq mig

A better scenario is James rolling into a 135 degree bank at 3.799999 Gs, causing the MIG to overshoot, rolling back into the MIG and blasting the MIG with Bond’s semiautomatic and let the MIG use HIS parachute. 007 then lands, picks up the beauty and flies into the sunset.