eAPIS mandatory May 18th

Hi All,

Has anybody tried FltPlan.com for eApis filing ? I have filed several trips with the 45 day DEMO of FlashPass from http://www.lobolabs.com and it is very simple. Keeps all your data and it even warns you of soon to expire documents.


I have flown to Mexico recently and had problems with eAPIS software will try FltPlan. Do you know when ELT changes are mandatory in Mexico.

A little expensive ($249 per year) but works great once the data has been input. I think they need to address the pricing again for single airplane, pilot operations.

Any answers on the ELT/406 issue yet?

There is a new iPhone App to file eApis. Works also with the iPad. Look for FlashPass in the Apple App Store.




And don’t forget FAR 91.703

Whatever you violate somewhere else, can be enforced and prosecuted as a violation by the FAA