Does Flight Simulator X Help In Anyay When Learning To Fly?


I believe that for a 15 year old who has had no lessons, and has no instructor or pilot to advise them, a flight sim will do more harm than good.Once you have had a few lessons it could be helpful (in moderation) as it would let you practice a couple of things, and you would at that point appreciate how unrealistic the simulator is.I remember during my training using it, practicing the relationship between attitude, power and practicing landings. I think it helped. I didn’t spend much time on it.If you spent tens of hours on a sim and then went for a real lesson it would probably do more harm than good!I suspect nobody has answered this because it’s a much debated point.

Please help.

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Hi Jensen,

from my experience, flight simulator has very limited benefits for ab initio pilot students but it can be of benefit when learning IFR, practicing procedures. Indeed, instructors I know frequently bemoan that those who have tried to learn to fly via a flight simulator need the most effort in unlearning bad habits :wink:

I completely agree with Steve. PC-based flight sims are very good for disciplined, relatively experienced pilots to hone instrument flying skills but potentially dangerous for new pilots unless under direct supervision of an instructor. It’s just too easy to develop and enforce bad habits. Without experience in the real aircraft, a new pilot may become emboldened and desensitized to risks. Flying solo in a sim it is tempting to:

  • take shortcuts on checklists and flight planning
  • maneuver recklessly and disregard aircraft limitations
  • disregard fuel requirements
  • Forget about communications
  • Give yourself a pass on poor performance, reinforcing carelessness
    For a serious and disciplined pilot with a point of reference to reality and some accountability for following procedures, then it can be an excellent training tool, particularly for instruments. Pilotedge is a great way to add accountability without the cost of an instructor.

I have searched for a good, affordable Cirrus simulator and there just isn’t one oddly enough. SimAvio comes the closest with their FlyThisSim that is based on X-Plane. It’s actually quite good but really expensive - $1000 for just the software. There are a couple of others in the $30-$50 range but they don’t have much fidelity to the real plane in my experience.

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