Covid 19 questioning from the FAA for your medical?

Has anyone had the FAA send you a letter questioning your Covid 19 treatment statement from your Dr and any complications, treatments diagnosed or implemented by your Dr? I was wanting to make sure this is not a hoax?? They say in the letter they may deny my medical without submitting these reports in their entirety. These questions and threats because of a VIRUS?? I never have been asked about the Flu or a common cold from the FAA about my medical status ???

I don’t know where the letter came from, nor do I know anything about your Covid history. But the FAA did send a memorandum to AMEs about certification of pilots with a history of Covid.

The basic rule is that the AME can issue a certificate if the airman has fully recovered and has no residual symptoms. However, if the airman required intensive care, then additional information will be requested.

You can read the fairly self explanatory memo HERE

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Essentially, this is no different than the reporting issues for any other illness requiring hospitalization.