Congrats on newsletter

Very nice job on the first COPA newsletter – professional, interesting, well-produced. Congrats to all involved. Jim F

Thanks very much Jim. I was production, layout and everything but the articles. And many thanks to Marty Kent, it was a collaboration between us and the contributors. But we’d sure welcome an article from you. Next deadline is Jan 14, 2002.

And thanks for letting us know you received it! Marty is getting a bit anxious because his hasn’t arrived in the mail box!

Bruce Goldman SR20 #368

I have not received my copy of the newsletter as of today. When was it mailed and by what route was it mailed?

Brian: I haven’t got my paper copy yet either, but it comes across beautifully from the Newsletter Archive section of this web site. It’s worth the wait for the download. I suspect the mailing is taking longer as it is sent bulk mail and is treated as a low priority by various U.S. Mail facilities along the way.

Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten mine either! They were mailed in Florida and the deliveries seem to be slowly heading north and west. Last I heard, a member in South Carolina received his on Wednesday. I would love to say, “All good things come to those who wait,” but I’ll let you all decide!

I have heard anecdotal evidence that mails other than first class are moving more slowly than usual due to the Anthrax scare.


Sorry for the wait guys. As Marty said it is slowly working it’s way north and west. I bulk mail my office newsletter to the local area and it gets there in a day or two. This is different. I did check with the post office and 1-2 weeks is routine. 1 week to get to say NY and 2 for California. So be patient. :slight_smile: Next time we wont tease you with “it’s in the mail” !!!

I live in Central Missouri and just got my copy of the COPA Newsletter today (11/17/01).

Great job and very professional.

Had my SR22 2 1/2 months and enjoy it more every time I fly it.

Bernard N214BB