Clubs in VA

I am interested in starting a club in Richmond, VA I had previously seen a website or location where I could post an entry specifically geared towards starting a club. I think it also had an area for existing clubs and an area for people who wanted to sell their share in an existing club.

If anyone recalls seeing this web site, could you please let me know how to get back to it?

Thanks, and happy flying!

Steve M. - dreaming of an SR22 in my future

There are 3 planes at Chesterfield, 1 at Richmond and several nearby throughout the state…We sorta got our ‘mini’ club going locally…Good luck with your venture and if I can help at all…pop me an email.
We have also decided to ‘do lunch’ every couple of months…happy to have you.

Thanks for the information. Do you know how to get in touch with any of the owners? Have you heard of any that might be willing to take on a partner? Are any of the planes currently in a group?

Questions, questions, questions…

Thanks for you help!

Steve M.

We are all owners…will give you a holler next time we are getting together

Hello again Don. I talked with B. Luther yesterday about the planes at Chesterfield and told her of my interest. I asked her if she would let the owners know I was interested in a partnership. One of the other owners (SR22) called me last night and we had a great chat about flying - although he uses his a lot for business and said he was probably not interested in a partnership right now.

He did have some nice things to say about you though. I told him of your reply to me and at that time I did not know that you were one of the three owners. Anyway, thanks for the information and direction.

Steve M.