Cirrus Wine ?

Hey Ya’ll,
It’s Christmas!!! Did I really see a wine made with Australian grapes named “CIRRUS” ? What a great gift for some of my Cirrus buds (and me too).

Yes, you did. Unfortunately sending wine into the US is impossible unless you have a liquor licence, so I can’t arrange to get you any.

It’s made by the son of a friend of mine in Victoria, Australia, and the 2001 vintage is drinking nicely now. If you’re visiting Australia at all, I’d be happy to get you a couple of bottles to take home.

Cirrus wine:
The bitching that goes on at the COPA website.


You can purchase the French “Abbots Cirrus Cabardes” at, among other places, (A quick search will turn up many other vendors.) It’s a French rather than Australian vintage, but the winemakers themselves are from Oz.

This would indeed make a fine gift.


PS: Among the many unique attractions of Australia, its viticulture must be one of the most worthy of a visitor’s attention! I highly recommend visiting their fine wineries during travels in Oz.

You can’t import it as airplane parts which are “essential to flight safety?” Pehaps as an experimental alternative to TKS fluid?


Not just Oz. Here are some Cirrus Wines from other parts of the world:
South Africa… part of the “African Sky” collection - includes “Cumulus Wine” as well. Outback Co. (in the UK!), describes the Cirrus this way:
“On the nose the wine displays sweet plums, ripe strawberries and a touch of spice. On the palate it is medium to light-bodies with strawberry and plum flavours. The tannin is soft and subtle and the wine has a fruity finish. It is an easy approachable wine that can be enjoyed now.”
France (South of)Connecticut Public Broadcasting PBS TV critiques Caberdes ‘Cirrus’ Abbotts 1998.
New ZealandVino! talks about “Cirrus Estate, Ltd, New Zealand” – but maybe they mean Australia. After all, they’re practically the same place, right?
Then there’s Cirrus Whine… but I’ll stay away from that one! [;)]


Gee, I just receive two bottles of wine from a friend in Homebush Bay. It’s from Platt’s Winery. He thought the name made it appropriate. Where are you located in Australia?


Paul Platt N913CD

Roger, Agree completely. We spent a few days in the Hunter Valley and then a week in the Barossa area. It was one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back.