Cirrus SR20 for sale in Indonesia?

I do not think this is a real aircraft for sale but 94K for a loaded SR20 seemed like a deal.

I replied to this add and was unable to get any more info that a cockpit photo of the aircraft. I tried to get maintenance history, data plate pictures and scans of logs but was not successful. The individual answering the emails obviously knew nothing about small aircraft and kept requesting I send him an advanced fee for this or that expense and adamantly refused to use any sort of escrow service.

Link to site;

Name Indonesia Cirrus SR20 Description Specifications: This is a 2002 Cirrus SR20, with only 970 Hrs Airframe TT.95 Engine STOH. Quick avionics: - Avidyne EX5000 MFD - Garmin 430 #1 Nav/Com - Garmin 430 #2 Nav/Com - Garmin GTX 327 Transponder - Garmin 340 Audio Panel - STEC 55X Autopilot with Alt. Pre-select - Sandel 3308 HSI - Stormscope - Skywatch Traffic - Emax Engine Monitor. This is a fast sale, all negotiation will be very wellcome. Publish Date 2006-10-02 16:16:12 Model No. Kop.02.J Unit Price: 94,000 USD Product Origin Langsa - Aceh Payment Terms L/C,T/T

It sounds like a SCAM to me.

try the good old nigerian reverse scam

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Ditto on the SCAM.

Hey, all you need is a digital camera and some web skills. Find an airport, take a picture of some one else’s airplane. Provide no information, insist on an advance fee.

There is no indication that the person posting this has any more connection to this aircraft than standing near it in the hangar.

I am from indonesia, the registration from Indonesia should be starting from PK, anyone interested in this airplane you can PM and I should be able to find out more about this plane.

RE :

I thought that it was strange to have a registration # of J02C. Also the serial number, I got belongs to a plane with a CA owner and U.S.A. N number. I do not think any country uses J or JO as a registration letter. I would appreciate your comments about a registration document I received which looks like a doctored car registration.


So have you bought this airplane? If so, how are you going to bring the plane back here? This could be the beginning of a grand adventure, and I would love to read about every step of the trip.

It is very hard to actually purchase a plane that does not exist. Although they would gladly take my money to attempt to purchase this imaginary aircraft.

There is a great web site for those interested in around the world flying.

I was planning to pay a ferry pilot to get the aircraft back to the USA. From Indonesia you can fly across the Pacific skipping from Island to Island, the longest leg would be about 2400 miles from Hawaii to Los Angeles which would easily be within the capability of a cirrus with a ferry tank.