Cirrus mid-air over Boulder

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Appears that the Cirrus hit the cable of a tow plane just after release. Cirrus and tow plane crashed. Up to 5 SOB.

Be aware that the video imbeded with the attached TV news article is disturbing.

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Did the Boulder Cirrus have any type of Skywatch, TCAD, or TIS traffic alerting system on it?

We don’t know yet. Because my contacts at Cirrus Aircraft are parties to the NTSB investigation, that simple question does not have an easy answer.

However, the aircraft was a SR20 model, often purchased as an economical choice. That may reduce the likelihood that it included a traffic advisory system, which is an additional cost option, but that’s only my guess.

From witness statements and radar track information, neither plane were observed making any evasive maneuvers prior to impact.


Hey!! Watch the SR22 chauvinism!!! [li]


I too resent being labeled an economiser. We fly SR-20s because we’re adrenaline junkies, thank you very much.

Wish this were a thread in which the humor made sense. Unfortunately, my comment wasn’t chauvinism. It wasn’t even humorous. It was a reflection of the tragedy of the accident.

If the accident airplane had a traffic system on board, then why no evasion?

If the accident airplane did not have a traffic system, then why not utilize ATC to help in busy airspace?


Because there is the very real possibility that the towplane and glider did not have their transponder on. This was a problem that was complained about by many pilots who did have traffic systems. Myself and others I know of have flown through there and visually had visually identified the towplane and gliders in the air, but never picked them up on traffic.

I am sorry for sounding out of place, Rick. I too feel a sense of loss over any of these events. I guess I was trying to use a little humor to point out that many SR20s are as fully decked out as any SR22. Humor has a huge place even at funerals and wakes as people talk things out and try to make sense out of what happened.


As some know, I live in Boulder, and I fly out of Longmont, whch is North of Boulder. A few weeks ago, I had a near pass with a Tow plane and Glider from BOU. My Traffic didn’t pick up the tow plane until I passed him. So I know they carry something.

I was upset that I could have come that close , and I went to visit the glider people the next day to get a better handle on how to get past the BOU airfield… the answer really came out,best to stay well clear to the east if at all possible.

Anyway, to answer the question, yes they, or at least this tow plane had a transponder, but I got the signal very late. This then asks the queston, is the traffic system worth looking at , my answer is, I have a real hard time spotting planes even with a half mile of me.