Cirrus aircraft partnership


Anyone in the Boston area looking for a partner to join their ownership group? I have been flying SR20, Cessna and Diamond aircrafts so far but tired of renting and prefer to own.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Just starting - today - to rekindle my interest - kbed?

Sent you both pm. I have a brand new SR20G6 at KOWD

Mehran, please consider joining COPA so you can properly post theses questions in the Marketplace.


My partner and I own a 2015 SR22T that we block lease to pilots at KOWD, been doing this since late 2017. No more than 4 pilots per plane, up to 100 hours per year. We are considering adding a plane at KBED and/or KLWM. Happy to tell you about our operations. If we did something at KBED, we’d probably run it out of Jet Aviation for dispatching.


John Ippolito


See my post to Mehran above. We are thinking about a plane at KBED and are interested to figure out the demand there and at KLWM. Please give me a shout and I can explain what we’re doing.


John Ippolito