Circling vis - going up?

I’m copying here some information from Avsig that may affect our GPS approaches. Perhaps some of our instrument flight guru’s are aware of this:

There is some concern, and AOPA is trying to find out how much there is, that the proposed increases in circling visibility minimums have neglected GA aircraft.

Randy Kenagy at AOPA has posted a request for input over on the Beech Owners’ list.

It seems that major increases in circling minima are occurring as the VNAV portion of the RNAV approach is being implemented.

Bob Siegfried, someone who was very helpful in getting GPS in lieu of ADF-DME approved for the US fleet, has called it a travesty.

Bob says, “If we don’t get together and fight to have the policy changed soon, it will be an established fact and very difficult to get corrected.”