Build-up hours in Maule MX 7: any thoughts

Hi Guys,

I’ve been waiting for an SRXX for a few years thinking I’d be back living fulltime in the USA by now, alas I need to spend a couple more years in the UK (so canceled my SR contract recently so as not to make a $300K+ machine a hangar queen). I’m a low time pilot and would love to focus on getting my instrument ticket asap… maybe this summer/autumn vacation. I thought about taking a share in an SR22 with Airshares, but no planes available near my summer home (MJX, Toms River NJ) and now insurance issues make it hard to get in without I-tix or more hrs. So since I can’t get my hands on a good SR rental near Toms River, my thought is to buy something cheaper for a couple years, fly when I’m in the States for extended holidays, pick-up the I-tix and build some hours.

Finally, can anyone of you there tell me about the Maule MX-7 as a plane for getting the I-tix and having some fun. It is priced right in the marketplace for a 3-4 yr model (with GNS430) and 400 TT ($75-80K), comes in taildragger or trike, and can carry reasonable loads. OK, it’s slower (115-125knots) than the SR’s… and ain’t got no parachute, but stalls at 40 mph.

Anyone out there with experience in one of these critters? Any other thoughts for building time? Anybody want to sell me their used SR20 cheap? Anyone want to start a partnership in a used SR20 at MJX?

Alex Kulpecz