Boca Raton SR22 Partnership

I’m looking to start a partnership in an SR 22 with 2-3 other pilots. Most likely considering G2 and G3 aircraft based at KBCT. I would also consider KPMP but prefer KBCT. Thanks, Dan

Pm sent

Hi Daniel, I am from Miami… send me a pm. Tks

Interested in a 2019 G6 ?

Let me know



Hi I would like to talk about it. I am in Boca for for 5 months a year. I have had two SR20’s. Home base GAI.
301 370-1941

Any luck on the partnership search ?

Hi Daniel. I may have a lead for you…
I have been flying with Dare to Dream Aviation in Pompano while looking for a plane to purchase. I’d talked to a few of the instructor pilots there who mentioned other renters who were interested in a partnership. I ended up deciding to purchase on my own and am keeping the plane at KSUA, but will see if I can get a name for you, and if so will PM.
Good luck.

Thank you John. I flew this past weekend in a Dare to Dream Cirrus with one of their renters looking to purchase. I will be starting my SR22 transition training with them soon as all my Cirrus time is in the SR 20. Definitely would appreciate any leads. Thanks

Hi Daniel.
I sent you a PM with some information. Let me know if I can help with anything.


Thanks very much. I’ve already texted Kyle.

Daniel, also considering partnership at KBCT. Sent info via FB.