Biannual Flight Review and IFR Training in S.F. Bay Area?

Next month I am moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, at that time I will need
a biannual flight review (BFR) and I am looking for IFR training. Does anyone
have a suggestion for a flight school or individual in this area that could
help me?



Do you know where in the Bay Area are you moving to? Jato Aviation is my recommendation for what you are trying to do if you stay west of the bay. (sorry my browser is not showing the icons for creating a hyperlink)

John Ewing is fantastic. I just did some Lake Tahoe training with John, and it was a blast. He is a pro.

John is my boy

I will most likely end up in Silicon Valley or the Peninsula, as I am a looking for work in high tech. My wife is being transferred and I am having to play catchup. Thanks for the tip on JATO Aviation.

Is John with Oakland Flyers? If not, do you have contact information for him? Thanks.

I think you have some good suggestions from the others. Where are you moving from?

By the way, it’s a biennial flight review, not “biannual:”

biannual ~ Occurring twice a year; semiannual.
biennial ~ Occurring every second year.