Better Credit Card Acceptance Mechanism


We are now using a new credit card partner with the COPA membership application. Benefits over the previous credit card partner are these:

  • No signing up with a third party company in order to pay your membership dues.

  • International credit cards now accepted!

  • No more having to enter your name/address information multiple times during the signup process

  • No more waiting for approval. As soon as your credit card goes through, you’ll have members access to the site. (Previously, you had to wait for me to get around to checking my mail to get the credit card receipt and then manually activate the account)

For anyone who has, up till now, decided not to join COPA because of hassles with the previous credit card partner, or because your non-US credit card was not accepted, please consider joining now!

(From the Main COPA Page, go to “How To Join COPA” and follow the Online applicaiton.)

Please note: for our International members who have previously sent us your credit card numbers (and thus are already COPA members with full member access), please don’t try to sign up again. We will be contacting you via email and will process your credit cards seperately.

Any questions or problems using this new service, please contact me via email at

Steve Lin


Thanks for your diligent work on the COPA web site. It started out as a quality site, and it just keeps getting better.


Steve this is great news. I’m joining right away.


Thanks – a lot of the work of setting up the new credit card mechanism was done by Barbara Fornell, our (relatively) new treasurer!