Australian GPS Question

Two questions for Australian pilots:

  1. Is there any GPS portable that is better than any other for Australia? When I took a Garmin 195 there a few years ago, I found it was good, but not great. The base map didn’t have an accurate coastline, for example, which can be quite confusing. I want to get a GPS for an Australian relative who just got his PPL license.

  2. Are there any SR2x’s based in Adeliade (Parafield) or in Melbourne?


Can’t help you with the GPS, though I do know people who have the 195 and seem happy.

There will be an SR22 based at Melbourne in the near future (it just arrived in Australia a week or two ago). None at Parafield. And none available for hire anywhere in the country.

There are two SR20s at Archerfield (Brisbane) and there will be one at Canberra Real Soon Now. Three more arriving in the country this month, not sure where they are bound for.