Arrival procedure confusion

I read the arrival procedure doc when I received it a few days ago and thought I understood it. Now that I read it again, I don’t. I’ll be arriving from the SW (Santa Monica). On page 4 it says I’m not to proceed past WHIGG until in contact with Las Vegas Approach, which should be able to clear me into the Bravo. If I’m “instructed by ATC to remain outside the Las Vegas Area due to traffic volume or other issues. Please follow the hold procedures …”

First, what is the “Las Vegas Area?” Do you mean the Bravo? If not, what is it? If so, why do I need to hold (and, I assume that period after “issues” was meant to be a comma) since I can get to KHND on a straight line from WHIGG without entering the Bravo and clearing all terrain by at least 1000’? I.e., I don’t need to enter the Bravo to get to KHND.

Second, what should I do if I’m unable to contact Las Vegas approach at WHIGG, since I’m instructed not to proceed beyond WHIGG without doing so? I can’t hold at Jean Lake since that’s past WHIGG. Since approach is under no obligation to respond to me, this is a little open-ended. Telling me, “Don’t worry, they will eventually,” is disconcerting without an out, particularly since, as I said, I shouldn’t need to talk to them at all since I don’t need to enter the Bravo to get to KHND. Can somebody clarify this?

You can proceed to KHND remaining outside (under) of the Bravo Airspace without talking to Las Vegas.

You will likely not need to hold at all, it is there just as a precaution for an airport closure due to an incident. Jean airport is there if you need it as well.

I came in today and never called the Bravo. Just stay under it and talk to HND tower and you will be just fine. Out there shortly after WHIGG the bravo is 5,000 and stays there to HND. Go to 4500 feet and motor on into Henderson.

The only caution is to not get too far north if you are landing on 17. LAS is pretty close.