ARNAV ICDS 2000 Engine Monitor

Still using this thing on my 2000 SR20. Up to now no issue but my Engine Monitor section is not reading CHT, EGT, Fuel Flow most of the time. Intermittent problem. Sometimes after start up it comes on and stays on sometimes it does not come on. I checked connections on EMM335 and seem ok. Cleaned plug at the MFD. Any other suggestions, relays etc. If it is relay not sure where to look.


Check the breaker. They wear out.

Thanks for the tip. the breaker was ok. What I am getting is the full monitor but the engine outputs read 0 when it is not working. I must have something loose somewhere.

Checked all connections cannot find any issues. Has quit completely. Anyone know anything about the computer in this box? Has given great service but I guess it is time for another engine monitor.

I installed a JPI 700 in my 2001 SR20, and I’ve never been sorry about it.

Detailed instructions are here.