Arnav: Declutter obstacles to 15M zoom

I may have missed some of your email requests for this…so just in case, here’s the deal ONLY IF YOU HAVE JUST DID THE $2000 UPGRADE!

Mr. Rennie,

After our conversation last week, I discussed within Arnav your desire to have the manmade obstacle height display on 15nm and below instead of how we have it set at 25nm and below. In order to change the display to default to 15nm and below for manmade obstacles, perform the following steps:

  1. Power ICDS 2000
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Scale/Color
  4. Use Arrow key to highlight SCALE, then press SEL
  5. Press ACK 4 times through the first screen of information.
  6. On the second screen, press ACK 11 times until the cursor is under the 4 in the row titled MANMADE and column titled ID.
  7. Press the PREV key to change the 4 to a 3.
  8. Then press ACK through the remaining prompts.
  9. Use the arrow keys to highlight YES when the ALL Information Correct prompt appears.
  10. Select END from the SETUP menu.

This took me about 30 seconds to complete. Good luck.