airmotive supercharger

Interested in anyone that has had experience with this system or failures

I had one. Loved it. I would have another one now if it would fit with factory air.

  • Half the cost of a turbo.
  • Half the weight of a turbo.
  • Less maintenance than a turbo.
  • Below 12K, performance equal or better than a turbo.
  • Above 12K, a turbo is better.
  • If you want air conditioning, it is not an option (although that could change).

I have lots of experience with it, installation and operation.

Alex is that a good thing or we should avoid thing? I have heard both sides of the argument. I’m curious your opinion?

It seems to me based on the technology it should be a big winner in performance for the middle cirrus altitudes 7k+ not sure where it just runs out of steam (air density) and a turbo just is superior.

If you want my opinion on the matter you can call me. There are pluses and minuses as you said. It is a good system if you have a mission for it

A cirrus owner next to me had one, and had nothing but problems, it is now removed and sitting in his hangar in a box…

If your still interested, I’m sure he would let it go for a fraction of what he paid.

If anyone is thinking about buying a used SC, PM me. I bought mine used and it went beautifully. But I think it went beautifully because of two specific things I did when making the purchase. If I had not done those two things, I think it could have been messy and frustrating.

I am interested in it.

have him email me please. JGreene at CTServices.US

I’m interested please call me at 209-604-5661 wes banks

Jim, and maybe Alex also, I am curious as to whether there is some controversy or complexity associated with these superchargers that makes people not want to speak publicly about them? In contrast to more typical “pireps” about relevant Cirrus options or equipment, people seem not to want to talk about these.

I am perpetually wondering about the supercharger because it seems to be a better idea than a TC for use in the East, where you start close to sea level instead of at 5000’… So, I would love to hear the good, bad and ugly. No pressure, ie feel free not to discuss it also, but I just wanted to say that I bet there are a bunch of curious people out here.

That is not the case at all for me. I just didn’t want to bore the masses with details most readers would not care about. Very few COPAns are likely to buy used supercharger kits. My comments were about (a) how to ensure the used kit you buy is complete (there are lots of little expensive parts) and (b) how to choose an installer.

IMO you are right about the attractiveness of the SC in the East. As I said, I liked the one I had. I would have another right now if it could be installed alongside air conditioning.

I wish I could get one for my 20.

Rumor has it they are working on one. I do think the 20 is a perfect application for a SC. Patience.


There’s no controversy. I just have a lot to say and I don’t feel like writing it.


The Mx increase is quite small. Particularly compared to the turbos.

At some point, they gauged the interest from SR20 owners and apparently the response was mild at best. I would have taken the plunge