Aircraft Inspection and Power of Attorney

Purchased a Cirrus aircraft. The airplane will be ferried to my destination airport after delivery acceptance. I need a reliable, professional agent that can thoroughly inspect the aircraft and act as power of attorney on my behalf at the factory . Does anyone have any recommendations. Thanks.

Both The Flight Academy and Progressive Aviation Services do this, have done this, want to do this. The principals of those organizations were Cirrus factory instructors and well know the delivery process.


If you prefer to have the acceptance done by an A&P/IA (as opposed to a CFI), SAMM can do this for you – particularly if you plan to engage SAMM to manage your maintenance after delivery.


If you need a good agent to work on your behalf and ferry the airplane I have a good one for you just email me at ,


You can’t go wrong with SAMM! I have personal experience with them and it is very positive. I’d trust Rick Beach and anyone he recommends as well.