2508 today

Was anyone flying at 8500 heading southwest just south of red rock canyon in the R-2508 today? If so, the top of your plane looks very clean.

I was KVGT North Las Vegas direct to KCNO Chino today at 8500 At around noon -1pm PST.

Got any pictures?

No, sorry. I was training and Joshua called out a Cirrus, so I decided to go see if I could find it. My buddy and I flew over and did a 360 then headed north. It is cool to see one flying and then “meet” the guy flying it.

Don’t suppose you saw Matt, did ya Eric? How did skywatch work?? :wink:

Tally-ho, fight’s on. [;)]

No, not me, but BTDT more than a few times, from your POV. Mainly up around KNFL. “What’s he doing here!?!”


Well if it was Matt…

Joshua/LA I heard him check on at 9500ft heading eastbound(1000 above Opposite direction)

Skywatch had him, but the 360 would explain the Skywatch making it harder to find as he was closer, but i did see you, if it was in-fact you…

Maybe we should open a new section on COPA forums called Close-Connections…

Something like Craigslist has (missed connections):


Yeah, that was me. Out of KMHV from getting gas, heard the radio call and rendezvoused around the Honda test track out there, about halfway between China Lake and Mohave. I am glad that youre able to pick us up, because there are lots of people that dont, and it gets somewhat scary out there. If anyone has seen the dodge commercial where the paragliders are flying around the tall rock formations, that is in the same area, and one was at 11,500 as we went by him at 13,500 climbing. Next Cirrus that i find out here, Ill try to get a photo on either the targeting pod or with the helmet.

From Craigslist:

Guy at 8,500. I passed you on the way back home. I noticed your plane and couldn’t help but think about how I should have stopped and say hello. I thought the wax job on the top of the plane was very nice and you wheel pants were looking very good. If you think you are this person, respond and tell me what was painted on my tail.

I think I am starting to step over a line [:D]

I will be flying through the Trona Corridor (KMHV - L72) Next Thursday around 3:30- 4PM northbound at 10500ft (352 Mag Track) Going to KBAM Battle Mountain, NV for the weekend.

Heading up for the IHPVA World Human Powered Speed Challenge.