2009 SR22GTS GROUNDED by Continental Engines

I received instructions to stop flying my brand new ( 9/30/2009 ) SR 22 GTS X edition… Continental is saying there are major problems with hydrolic lifters…

Has any owner heard anything this from Cirrus, etc? Any suggestions?

Jeff Tauber


See this post.

Yep. Join COPA and you’ll hear about this stuff much sooner. You’ll also get a chance to participate in and read discussion about this sort of thing on the Member’s forums.

This issue was already reported and is being discussed on the Member forums.

COPA membership is generally considered the best (very small) small investment you’ll ever make in operating a Cirrus aircraft.



P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Tim-- I’m already a member and dont see any posting about this issue

look in the tech liason forum

Linky: http://www.cirruspilots.org/forums/t/115679.aspx

Let me know if you need any info on this. I can get it for you anytime. Thanks for the reply in advance


You are not a COPA member, you are a registered guest. You only have access to the Guest forum and the Marketplace forum, so you aren’t seeing 98% of the posts on the website.