2002 SR20 GTS.....possible first plane??

Hello, so am looking at 2 planes right now…first one is a 2015 Sling 4 experimental with 115HP Rotax Turbo engine with approx. 750hrs on it, BPS chute but not sure if it’s IFR rated…under $100K but has a useful load close to 1,000lbs. Second plane is a 2002 SR20 GTS with 1,600hrs, 2 blade prop and fairly good condition for under $120K but useful load is around 450lbs with full fuel. What should I focus on?? Thoughts??

What mission are you trying to accomplish? Without knowing how you plan to use the plane, I don’t think you can even decide whether buying versus partnering versus renting makes sense, let alone the differences between an Experimental and a certified airframe, or between two specific aircraft for sale.

Lay out the things you’re trying to accomplish, and the potential passengers, the distances you plan to fly, the weather conditions typical in the areas you want to fly in, the financial costs associated with both operating and maintaining, the ability to get instruction in or support for the type of airframe. Ask yourself “Why?” long before you try to answer the question “Which?”

Many people rent airplanes for many years prior to buying, so they can get an idea of how specific types and models fly. A plane great for aerobatics makes a lousy cross country cruiser for the family.

There’s a lot of homework involved before writing the check.

thank you for your reply. I live in Florida so plan to use year round. Plan is to build hrs/experience and hopefully get IFR rating. Furthest missions would be 400-500 miles max on occasion, more 200 mile staying within the state. Would like to be able to use with family, myself, wife and kids 9 and 10. I understand renting would be a more cost effective way but I personally rather have my own and do as I please if that makes sense.

Oliver, Interesting comparison you’ve got going there. I can’t speak to the Sling 4 although it sounds really cool. However, I owned and flew an '01 SR20 for about a year and a half and put some 400+ hours on it during that time. My experience was that it was a great plane and I think it would make a good first aircraft for you. There are certain reasons why lots of us chose a certified airframe and for me it has to do with trust in the company behind the airframe and trust in the product itself. Cirrus just passed the 7,000 mark so certainly a well known product and a known entity. The support behind the Cirrus and the training available are really second to none.

If you end up loving the SR20 but find yourself pining away for a bit more useful load then you’ve got a simple transition to an SR22 to look forward to.

Oliver are you saying the Sling hauls 1,000 pounds plus full fuel? That seems a stretch for 115 HP. I think of useful load as fuel and pax and cargo; we get to decide the mix.

Jason, no 1,000lbs useful load not including fuel but it has a 46 gallon tank so around the 724lb will full tanks.