2 Dead running off r/w @ KAEJ: Hellcat

Two killed during Dodge Challenger Hellcat test drive on airport runway

Sad story… interesting that it was noted the car went airborne at the high speeds and they were on a run way…

These Hellcats are having a sketchy track record as I’ve heard several of these super fast demons crash …

71 and 76 years of age in a Hellcat [:O]

I almost bought one, but not sure where I could hide it from wife. Oh that thing over there under the tarp… gulp. Just some old plane parts…

i like the new challenger Demon, but know I would make the news (and not in a good way) if I bought one! The demon has so much power it can lift its front wheels off the ground under hard acceleration.

The Hellcat has only 700 HP. The new Dodge Demon has 800. The Demon has a driveshaft brake to improve launches. Set it, floor it, press a button to release the brake and hold on. If it hooks up the front wheels lift off the ground. Cool. Both are powerful enough to prove, once again, speed kills. Real beasts. People have been dying in hot rods since the first Model T was modified. Still sad… but danger is fun - until it’s not.

That said, I have thought about buying one. Can’t have too much power, right? [6] [^o)]

Such a sad loss of life, especially since they seemed to at least take better control of doing this in a safer environment.

The Hellcat record is a bit surprising to me as well. I had a 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 that had 661HP, so not much less than the Hellcat, it was insane but controllable. Its track record has been much better as well.

What is really interesting though is the nature of the Hellcat issues are mostly overruns, not a true loss of control type things which is puzzling.