130 MPH New Mexico wind gusts

Came across this article relating to extremely high winds in New Mexico. Any meterological experts out there care to offer an explanation and an aviation perspective?

I have heard about rare cases where the jet stream has actually reached ground level. Is this one of those instances? Or just some serious convective weather?


I saw that as well. With my SR-22 approach speed of 75 kts I guess I would have to land at the far end of the runway, and then execute a backwards taildragger landing at 65 kts. [:)]

I saw the news story but I couldn’t find any airport observations greater than 58kt. For example, here’s Tucumcari & Las Cruces from yesterday:

KTCC 152153Z AUTO 27037G52KT 8SM FEW075 16/00 A2956 RMK AO2 PK WND 26055/2124 RAB30E39 SLP969 P0000 T01610000 TSNO

KLRU 151611Z AUTO 24049G58KT 3/4SM HZ BKN006 OVC013 22/05 RMK AO2

Great day to stay home.


From the East Northeast at 39 gusting to 47 mph, Wintery mix & snow

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From the East Northeast at 39 gusting to 47 mph, Wintery mix & snow

Glad to hear that after a long cold winter, spring has finally arrived in Duluth.


Had some pretty good winds in Milwaukee today too (gusting to 35-40). The winds aloft were impressive too…080 at 50 knots at only 3000 feet.

During an IFR lesson today, we were holding with 20 sec. outbound legs to get 1 minute inbound. Wind correction angles on the approaches were interesting too. Saw groundspeeds as low as 60 inbound on the approaches and as high as 176 outbound (all at normal indicated approach airspeeds). It was surprising smooth above about 500’ AGL. Fun stuff [:)]

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